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This spectacular photograph of a bald eagle with wings spread upwards, claws barely touching water, illustrates Index I of subjects in Peace Publishers, a works of churches of Christ, in



Impressions on the mind.

Alarming, Vivid and Unforgettable Impressions Registered by the Mind. ARTICLE. What has been, for you, the most impressive, traumatic or unforgettable impression of your life to the present time? Negative or positive. Some examples given. Snapshots the mind takes of events or circumstances that make an indelible impression and its power to remember almost every detail, remembering them with astonishing accuracy even after decades. A tremendous impression still awaiting you: Leaving the material-carnal Dimension and going through the Door of Time to the fully spiritual Dimension! Who are seen first? Angels! The testimony of Jesus Christ in His story of the rich man and Lazarus. Concise analysis and applications. Smiles and congratulations on the way to Paradise! But, not for the rich man. Five images illustrate this subject.

Alarming, Vivid and Indelible Impressions Registered by the Human Mind. PDF of this subject in tract format. Three folds; six pages, on letter size paper.

This subject available in SPANISH as an Article, in PDF and in JPEG images


Our culture is experiencing a hostile takeover. We must stop rejecting God if we ever want it to end. Article by Sam Sorbo that analyzes succinctly today’s all-out war by peoples who hate God and Christianity to overthrow the Judeo-Christian ethic, eliminate God and suppress all religion, substituting for them Darwinian evolution, the You Only Live Once dictum, integral intolerance against conservatives, the elevation of feelings above truth (existentialism); position, power and auto gratification above the correct, decent, right, etc. Reasons and concerns that motivated Kevin and Sam Sorbo to produce the film Let there be LIGHT for those who are in darkness.

Innocence, innocent

INNOCENT people died in Las Vegas! How horrible!” Context of their “innocence.” Personal innocence in the moral-spiritual context. The danger of calling innocent that which is not, or the person who is not. Are these innocent? Your evaluation of eleven examples. Human beings are very quick to publish their judgment of “innocent” or “guilty.” God is the only one with the innate right to establish criteria for innocence and make definitive judgments. The only truly innocent One. The status of babies, infants, preadolescent children, and adolescents. The status of good and just people who do not know God and his gospel. The status of those who, not knowing the true God and his law, do by nature what the law commands. The significance and application of The Lord knows those who are his. The case of the good who die prematurely. Their status after death. Reactions of family, friends, etc., who remain on the earth determined by their faith, or lack of it. Purpose of resurrections from the dead by Christ and his apostles. Is that you in the midst of that multitude? Does God recognize you there as one of his? Are you spiritually prepared to die there at any moment? Confident you soul-spirit would go to God’s Paradise?



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