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Kings. Seventh and Eight kings of Revelation in prophecy and fulfillment.

The SIGN of the SEVENTH KING-KINGDOM-BEAST. Astonishing SIGN for modern times! Do you perhaps not have any knowledge of it? SEVEN KINGS-KINGDOMS-BEASTS. Five have fallen; one is, and the other has not yet come. The “OTHER” is the SEVENTH. “The seven heads... are… seven kings. Five of whom have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come, and when he comes he must remain only a little while.” Revelation 17:9-10. When does the Seventh King make his entry on the world stage? When did the Roman Empire really end? History perverted and the errors propagated by preachers, teachers and writers. Edward Gibbons, Will Durant and others testify. Relevant historical facts highlighted. The myth of a “Byzantine Empire.” The healing of the wound that seemed to be mortal and its significance for determining the end of the Roman Empire. The nature of the Seventh King-Kingdom-Beast. “…when he comes he must remain only a little while.”  The identity of the Seventh King. How the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics fills precisely the parameters of the prophecy-sign of the Seventh King. A prophecy fulfilled 1,827 years after it was proclaimed! Be on guard, citizens of the world, for the SIGN of the EIGHTH KING-KINGDOM-BEAST! This one GOES to PERDITION! He is the last! He is also known prophetically as the “the LITTLE HORN.”


Did you know? Do you understand? ARTICLE. Prophecies, promises, facts and truths that may well change the course of your life. Very concise. Just a few minutes to read this message. It might serve to quickly fill empty areas, or shallow ones, in your knowledge or understanding. To know is a privilege and a blessing. Do you concur? Understanding infuses knowledge with life and power. Implementing full understanding of correct knowledge in daily life is wise and spiritual. May this subject be a blessing to your soul and spirit.

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