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Youth, Young people, Young adults. Their view of Duty and Desire.

The Duty of Man. Desire as a great main sail. Duty as a powerful, reliable motor. Full text sermon.

I am a ship and Desire is my great main sail.

How beautiful is a great white sail swelled with a strong wind blowing constantly! Our ship cuts rapidly through the waters of life, with agility and confidence, and we feel excited, joyful, even euphoric.

But, it would behoove us to have taken the precaution of installing a good, powerful, reliable motor in the hull of our ship, less the winds cease to blow.

Obtaining a robust sense of Duty early in life is most wise and prudent. Youth in general has little appreciation for Duty, particularly, moral duty.

Strong, negative reactions to duty. Despising duty; hating the yoke of duty. Humans are not docile in the presence of duty.

Duty plays a key roll in the development of a sound, whole, mature CHARACTER. What the steel structure is to a building, duty is to the character of the human being.

A strong sense of Duty assures he fulfillment of responsibilities.

Duty propels us, drags us, pushes us, when the road of life becomes very steep and rocky.

Duty guards our souls from moral dangers that threaten to destroy us.

Full text sermon. Adaptable for Bible classes.

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